Englisch-LK kreativ: Book cover zu George Orwells „1984“

Zum Profil II in der Oberstufe gehört neben Englisch als Leistungskurs auch Kunst als Begleitfach. Durch die Kombination kreativer und angelistischer Fähigkeiten entstehen manchmal sehr sehenswerte Arbeiten. Einige davon möchten wir heute vorstellen. Die Aufgabe im Englisch LK Q1 von Frau Abdinghoff war es, ein book cover zu George Orwells „1984“ zu gestalten. Eine weitere Aufgabe war ein „creative writing“ zu Orwells 1984 – ein Gedicht aus der Perspektive von Winston Smith. Hier eine Leseprobe:

            creative writing I:  

           von Georgios Adamos

              Who am I?

                                                                 Someone who is afraid to let go

                                                                 They decide

                  If they ever gonna let us know


                  What do I want?

                  Something lika a rebell

                  It’s in my hands

                  If I’m going to hell


                    I want it so I’m gonna get it

                 Nothing can stop me

                 Until they catch me

                 I’m a hero and nothing can change that


creative writing II: If you could change places with one of the characters, who would it be?                                    

Von Ardita Asllani

If I could change places with one of the characters, it would be Julia.
Julia is a confident woman who likes to satisfy her lust without being afraid of the consequences.
This awareness and self consciousness is the reason why I would like to change places with her, since I am the whole opposite and I would never dare to act the way she actually does.
Moreover, it is known that Julia is a woman with a lot of experience and accordingly she knows exactly how to act in certain situations to pur her plans into practice.
This fact gets illustrated very well on page 130, where Julia knows how to behave when she wants to meet with Winston.
Furthermore, I guess her life is adventurous since she breaks the rules suh as falling in love and making love with Winston.
I personally cannot identify with her character because I am that kind of person who tries to prevent any kind of problems and who follows the rules without overthinking that much since I know I will get punished if I get caught.
To sum everything up I would like to change places with Julia so that I can get to know how living a rebellious life feels/ is like.

Create a newspaper critique/review. Show what is good and not so good by including facts.

Reading 1984 – worth it?

The book „1984“, written by George Orwell and published in year 1949, is a dystopian imagination of the world, where citizens are under constant supervision of the leading government. The supervision includes telescreens and a Thought Police, which make a private life impossible.
That is the reason why Winston, the protagonist arranges several meetings with a woman names Julia where they have sexual interaction, which is forbidden in Oceania.
Together with the help of Julia and the support of a friend named O’Brien he tries to make a change by wanting to be part of the „Brotherhood“, which is the resistance group.
Winston’s dream of living free does not come true when he and Julia get caught (naked) being together.
He then gets into a building where he has to be because of his opinion towards the Party, which must not be negative.
Winston gets tortured in horrible and terrifying ways, which lead to a total brainwash, so that his opinion changes.
That was the main plot of the book, which is weird since it all is distributed in more than 350 pages.
Orwell likes to be detailed, which makes the reading difficult since he mentions many little things just like all the characters that appear. You even get to know about Winson’s neighbour’s son.
The book is sexually oriented and can sometmes get disgusting when you read about Winston who has dreams about Julia being naked.
If you search for a dystopian book including many details and partially psycho imagination, the book can get recommended but if you are not a huge fan of having to read a lot of not that necessary aspects to come to the real point than you should not contemplate buying and reading the book.

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