My first three years at Lessing – Check ✅

Dear Diary,

I have been visiting the Lessing-Gymnasium for 3 years now and I have had lots of experiences with my class 7B. I am going to start with the second term of year 5 because I joined my class later. Right at the start, I remember the Judo-Workshop with the latest champions in our gyms. Champions at your fingertips, at Lessing, it was unforgettable. They showed us some exercises for self-defence and gave us gifts from Japan.  In March, the Corona pandemic started, and we were home-schooled until the summer holidays. During home-schooling we learned to manage our day, to use itslearning and to join online meetings with many muted classmates 😊.

In the first term of year 6, we had regular school days, but with some unusual rules. We had to wear face masks, keep distance from each other and disinfect our hands very often. 

Subjects such as history, biology and politics were also scheduled in year 6, which were totally new for us. The reading competition in German was part of this year, which one of our classmates won. In one of our English lessons, we had a reading competition, too and the best readers won books as a prize. By Christmas we had to read our first English book that is called “The wildest party ever”. After the Christmas holidays, we were home-schooled until April and then we were divided into two groups. When the first group was at school, the second group worked on exercises at home and vice versa. At the end of the year, we had regular school days again and Mrs. Kurt bought some ice cream for the whole class due to outstanding learning performance. In the second term, we read our second English book “Jack London: Under the streets of San-Francisco”. I have not finished year 7 yet, but a lot of interesting things have already happened this year. For instance, two new students joined us, and we got to know some new teachers at our school, for instance Miss Gollata and Miss Zingraf. Also, we started to learn a second foreign language. We could choose between three options: Latin, Spanish and French. These language classes are very special for us because we seventh graders are mixed here. Then, there was another reading project with Mrs. Kurt. We had to read a book in English, the title and genre was totally up to us, but it was due to the autumn holidays. Everyone prepared and presented a poster about the chosen book in the “Projektstunde“, which is a special lesson with our class teacher. We will never forget the St. Martin’s procession challenge with Mrs. Kurt. If we dared to sing St. Martin’s songs very loudly with our beautiful lanterns in the schoolyard, we would be given some “bread roll man“. Guess who won? 😉 Also in the first term, we had our first chemistry lessons with Mrs. Esch. I can tell you, chemistry with Mrs. Esch is fun and very interesting. Every year at Christmas we had gift exchanges and got advent calendars made by Mrs. Kurt, but this year at Christmas we did a special book exchange. The other nice custom at our school is preparing charity Christmas boxes for girls and boys in need. In the second term, we read “Wonder“ by R.J. Palacio which is about an extraordinary boy called “August”. 

In February, the war in Ukraine started and our school organised a charity run and a lot of donations to support Ukraine and its people. You must know that the Lessing-Gymnasium is a sports school. The famous club “Germania” carried a rowing equipment for the rowing challenge among the seventh graders. Last but not least, there was a sleepover in Duisburg at a youth hostel. The highlights were water ski on the first day and climbing from tree to tree on the second. So, this was it – a brief outline of my first three years at the Lessing Gymnasium.          

The summer holidays are well deserved and just around the corner. Let’s enjoy them 😊 before starting a new chapter!

Cheers, Kseniia 

Ein Beitrag unserer Siebtklässlerin Kseniia